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Songwriting Improvisation Part One

A little freebie for you: part one of ‘Songwriting Improvisation’, a little PDF I’ve put together.

Get your copy here: songwriting_improvisation_part_one.pdf

What’s it for? Well, the fact is a lot of our best songwriting ideas come to us during improvisation. But I find it’s easy to run out of things to try. You can end up feeling like you’ve played every combination of chords and sung every combination of notes.

Songwriting Improvisation Part One contains some graphic prompts to help you look at improvising in a fresh way. There are some structural prompts and some contour lines. How you interpret them is up to you, they could dictate the structure of an entire song or just one verse.

All they are supposed to do is give a sense of structure to your improvising.

Feel free to share Songwriting Improvisation with any songwriters you know, and if you do use them, or any of the sheets from ‘Worksheets…’  please let me know. Even better, send me a link to your songs!

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