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Papercut – How I Composed Two songs (part 2)

As promised, here’s the second ‘How I composed my song’ post from Cafe Noodle.

It isn’t for a song, so much as a half improvised 12-note improvisation, and it inspired Papercut from the previous post.

Papercut – A Sunday Soundscape by Tom Slatter

What I did to make my composition

By Tom Slatter aged 27 and a Half

First I decided on my note row:
D F# G# C D# B E A# F G C# A

I deliberately started off with a few major third pairings to give hints of niceness, then quickly ended up shoving notes in at random to complete the 12.

Then I recorded two bars of each note using an electric piano sound from the soft synth that came with my Emu Audio Interface.

Then I copied and pasted those notes in various different orders and tempo – mostly I stuck things togther at random then pruned them down and layered them up. Then I tossed in some delays and reverbs and a stepfilter – all either freeware or stuff that comes with Cubase LE.

To finish off I copied and pasted some of the sounds from the end into the beginning to give the illusion of having thought about structure. :-)

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