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Free Songwriting Ebooks

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How to Harmonize

How to Harmonize is a collection of 5 primer lessons aimed at Songwriters who are just starting out and want to know more about how to harmonize their songs – how chords and harmonies work.

Lesson 1: What Does’Harmonize’ Mean?
Aim:    To explain how the two meanings of ‘harmonize’ are really one.

Lesson 2:
Some Questions About Intervals
Aim:    To explain which intervals are found in the major scale

Lesson 3: Some Questions About Chords
Aim:    To explain what a chord is and show you which chords are found in each of the major keys

Lesson 4: How to Harmonize a Melody Using Primary Chords
Aim:     To explain how the 1st, 4th and 5th chords of a key can be used to harmonize a melody

Lesson 5: Harmonizing a Melody – Beyond the Primary Chords
Aim: To explain how chords other than the 1st 4th and 5th can be used

Worksheets for the Songwriting Guitarist


In my everyday life as a music teacher, I tend to design quite a lot of worksheets.

In my online life trying to share songwriting ideas, I’ve never put this skill into use. Until now, that is.

You see, a written worksheet can be a very useful thing. As songwriters we’re often scribbling on random bits of paper. A worksheet, properly designed, can give order to the chaos of our ideas, doodlings and scribbles.

It can help us make sense of what we’re writing.

So, to help out all you songwriting guitarists out there, I’ve put together four worksheets that should help you out. You get:

1. The Chord Diary
2. The Lyric Brainstormer
3. The Chord Progression Chart
4. The Song Analysis Guide

10 Tips for Songwriters

10 Tips for Songwriters is a collaborative Ebook that I’ve put together with the help of 17 other fantastic composers and songwriters. Here’s an extract from the introduction:


At my songwriting blog,, I often interview songwriters. I find one of the best ways to get yourself inspired and excited
about songwriting is to find out how someone else does it.

That’s what this book is all about.

It was written by 18 successful songwriters who wanted to share their 10
tips for songwriting.

Have they all written commercial hits? Have they had their songs performed by famous singers, or
sold a billion records? No, for the most part they haven’t, but what sort of a way to measure success is that?

These 18 people have all proved themselves successful at writing songs. They wrote them for a myriad of reasons, to express themselves, to earn a living, to impress their friends, for a songwriting community, to practice their craft or simply because they could.

Each of the contributors has their own way of writing songs. There are writers here who start with the lyrics, and others who start with the music. Some are theory experts, others wouldn’t know a bar line from a bass clef. Some know their way around a recording studio, others can just about manage a cd player.

Each one has contributed their 10 tips for writing songs – the 10 things that they think should matter most to songwriters. Some agree on the basics, others have very different priorities. Some you might think are stating the obvious, others might be saying something you’ve never thought of before.

But I know that no two readers will agree on which are the most important tips here.

So, you can read the book all the way through, or you can flip to a random songwriter and find out what they have to say. Either way, it is my hope that you’ll find something interesting or inspiring on each and every page.

I’ve found talking to songwriters one of the most rewarding things I can do for my own songwriting, I hope you do too.

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