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What is is a blog for songwriters. Nothing to do with business, very little to do with performing and recording, its purely about the craft of writing vocal music.

Another songwriting blog?

No, not just another songwriting blog. exists as an antidote to all the Nashville, Top-40 hit focussed songwriting blogs, forums, sites and books. Indie Songwriters are far more likely to be writing for themselves, rather than other performers; far more likely to be writing creative songs rather than worrying about a hit. Indie Songwriters are independent, not writing for set formulas.

This blog for those songwriters. If you’re into creative, inventive songwriting, this is the site for you. If you want to write top-40 hits, or think Nashville is the place to be, you might want to try elsewhere.

Who writes it? is written by me, Tom Slatter, a music teacher and singer-songwriter who can also be found at

What Can I Find On

First off, you can take a look at the categories on the left, and search for topics with the search box on the top right.


I’ve also written a good few posts about music theory basics. The archive for them can be found by clicking here.

Some of my favourite posts in this category are the ones on time signatures:

  • How Time Signatures Work
  • Time Signatures Revisited

And the ones on chord basics:

  • Some Questions About Chords
  • Major and Minor


I’ve got quite a few on form and structure, and I’m planning more.

  • Form – the 32 bar structure
  • Gradual or Sudden?
  • How to be creative within the pop song structure

Key Changes

I’ve got a small series on changing key too

  • Key Changes part one
  • Key Changes part two
  • Key Changes part three

A song writing A to Z

I’m currently writing G for Grooves

  • Songwriting A to Z

There you go, a small snapshot of what you can find on

If there’s a subject you’d like me to explore further, or something I haven’t mentioned at all, please leave me a comment or email me on tomslattermusic AT